Return To Better

Return to Better

Never before has our nation been in a position to fundamentally shift our economic landscape to one of opportunity and prosperity through the unwavering support of entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators from all walks of life.   Now is that time. Now is that opportunity. We can’t afford to return to normal. We must aspire to… Return to Better.


What is Return to Better?


The Return to Better Institute is an accomplished group of entrepreneurs, educators, ecosystem builders, and economic development professionals that have created a sustainable framework to help communities build and grow support for entrepreneurship and new business creation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


By connecting traditional, top-down economic development approaches with the grassroots, bottom-up, community-driven environments in which most entrepreneurs thrive, our goal is to help communities implement an end-to-end experience aimed at meeting ALL entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators at their point of need.


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