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Muscatine is moving in a positive direction and we are excited to have your business start, build, and grow here. You can feel the energy and momentum that is spreading throughout the community. The Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry is dedicated to advocating for your business success and helping you prosper in our community.

We have been a champion for the Muscatine area since 1944. With over 75 years of promoting and supporting our stakeholders we have led the way for numerous monumental projects. We have hosted a variety of activities, and events to provide networking, education and visibility for your business. The chamber promotes a collaborative relationship among both member businesses and public officials to encourage a supportive business environment. We thank you for your interest and investment in Muscatine. We wish you success on the road ahead and look forward to partnering with you!

If you’re just beginning your business journey, you may find the Starting A Business In Muscatine guide helpful. DOWNLOAD NOW



SCORE is mentoring group of retired business men and women who provide free counseling services for clients wishing to gain business advice. Members of the Muscatine community may use this resource if they are planning to start, grow or maintain their business. Each week the SCORE group meets to sit down with those looking for business direction. SCORE consultations are held Thursday afternoons 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Chamber office. Appointments may be made by calling the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry at (563) 263-8895. 

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The Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the Iowa Quad Cities Chamber’s New Ventures Initiative and the Eastern Iowa Community College District, has launched the new Business Information for Growth BIG service. This data-mining service provides Muscatine business owners and entrepreneurs FREE access to highly-sophisticated online databases and research that can help you identify new opportunities to grow and maximize your business.

How does BIG work?

Let’s say you want to find the number of businesses that are located in a particular market that offer a specific service. The BIG databases would be a great place to start to find that information. Access to these databases is often cost-prohibitive for many businesses, however, the BIG service is free of charge and it takes only a brief training session to learn how to use the databases.  

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Small Business Development Centers

The Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC) conducts research, counsels, and trains business people in management, financing, and operating small businesses, and provides comprehensive information services and access to experts in a variety of fields. 

Each SBDC regional center encourages unique local efforts, region to region, state to state, and community to community, to meet small business needs in its area. Each of these SBDC offices subcontracts with other universities, community colleges, and other institutions to provide a network of 15 regional assistance centers in Iowa, and over 1,100 full service assistance centers nationally, to the small business community.

The SBDC is the only nationally accredited entrepreneurial development program in Iowa.

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Just getting started and need personalized business assistance? GMCCI can help with your questions and be a resource to your business no matter the size or experience. Please contact our office to setup a time to discuss your business needs.