Leadership Muscatine

Leadership Muscatine is a select group of individuals living in the Muscatine community with the drive and ability to enhance their leadership skills. Each year, the Leadership Muscatine class is chosen based on their leadership experience and community references. 


The class meets twice a month for seven months as a way to educate rising leaders in Muscatine on community history and to develop skills that will lead to lifelong success. Since its beginning in 1988, over 700 participants have graduated Leadership Muscatine. Those same graduates are many of the active members of the community who are involved in making Muscatine a great place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire.


Leadership Muscatine is co-sponsored by the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GMCCI) and Muscatine Community College (MCC).  Participants, whether new to Muscatine or lifelong residents, gain a better understanding of the many organizations and their leaders who work to make Muscatine the rare gem it is today. Class members build strong friendships with other future leaders, while being challenged to make a positive difference in our community. 

2019-2020 Graduates

Gregory Bock, Salvation Army

Blaine Booth, The HON Company

Jakob Bower, Retirement Resource Group

Allen Cole, Temp Associates

Jane Harpole, Kent Corporation

Hashem Jaber, Bayer Crop Science

Erika Hayes, UnityPoint Health

Wing Shun Lam, GPC

Anna Masengarb, UnityPoint Health

Adam Miller, First National Bank

Brian Morgan, Carver Pump

Michael Ochsner, Bayer Crop Science

Rachel Reed, Muscatine Power & Water

Erik Reed, Muscatine Power & Water

Matt Scherrer, GPC

Bailey Schober, The HON Company

Greg Slonka, Muscatine Power & Water

Lori Snyder, Kent Corporation

Rey Sotelo, Muscatine Power & Water

Caitlin Taylor, Carver Pump

Morgan Thorson, Family Eye Center

2018-2019 Graduates

Andrew Anderson, Ruhl & Ruhl

Mark Berry, Union Tank

Nathan Brewer, Kent Corporation

Brian Brunson, GPC

John Green, GPC

Lindsay Heinrichs, HNI Corporation

James Huston, Muscatine Journal

Zachary Kinrade, CBI Bank & Trust

Holly Krystek, Lifetime Dentistry

Brian Mussehl, First National Bank

Jessie Neal, Muscatine Community College

Judi Nelson, Union Tank

Rachel Pohl, UnityPoint Health

Kelly Rushford, Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine

Mike Shield, Kent Nutrition Group

Shelley Sides, GMCCI

Vanshidhar Singh, Bayer Crop Science

Jason Smith, Bayer Crop Science

Andrew Snyder, Muscatine Community College

Madison Sturms, CBI Bank & Trust

Laura Vargas, Senior Resources

Mitch Zytnowski, Muscatine Power & Water

2017-2018 Graduates

Skye Edkin, CBI Bank & Trust

Dena Ferreira, First National Bank

Travis Franke, Monsanto

Malarie Gilley, UnityPoint Health – Trinity Muscatine

Ahren Gross, Muscatine Power & Water

Adam Hendershot, Mosanto

Ben Huntington, Muscatine Community College

Aracely Martinez, ISU Extension

Alex Meiners, CBI Bank & Trust

Natalie Oppel, Kent Corporation

Doug Pabst, Union Tank

Anna Prier, Family Eye Center

Cortney Rexroth, Kent Corporation

Nikki Salek, Simply Soothing

Mike Wedell, Monsanto

Mark Yerington, Muscatine Power & Water

For more information regarding Leadership Muscatine, contact Rebecca Paulsen rpaulsen@muscatine.com