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Industrial Revolving Loan Fund

Mercer-Muscatine Revolving Loan Fund

Small Business Forgivable Loan Program

Tax Credit & Local Incentives

GMCCI offers facilitation for businesses to gain access to the many incentives provided by the city, the county and the state.  This service is intended to assist businesses start-up and mature businesses to grow while prospering within our communities.

Muscatine offers tax abatement and tax rebates of property taxes to qualifying companies. This is accomplished by the 5 year Industrial Tax Abatement or by creating an Urban Revitalization District that provides a 10-year tax exemption schedule. The community can create a Tax Increment Financing District and provide Tax Increment Financing by reallocating to the project company a portion of the property taxes generated that are an increase over the base valuation determined in the tax increment area.

The community has a designated Enterprise Zone intended to incentivize economic development in a given area of the community that provides tax abatement similar to the Urban Revitalization District.

Industrial Tax Abatement

The Urban Revitalization District 

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Enterprise Zones

Housing Revolving Loan Fund

State of Iowa Incentives